eggplantcurse (eggplantcurse) wrote in aimsay_what,

Mix Tape F*ucking

WoodenNickels (3:08:01 AM): lol, what's considered lesbian pop?
WoodenNickels (3:08:05 AM): t.a.t.u.?
EggplantCurse (3:08:35 AM): not in my book...
EggplantCurse (3:08:39 AM): you will find out
EggplantCurse (3:08:48 AM): i will put it on your surprise mix cd (SURPRISE!)
EggplantCurse (3:08:58 AM): you know...
EggplantCurse (3:09:14 AM): i think i invented the term "mix tape fucking"
WoodenNickels (3:09:51 AM): lol
WoodenNickels (3:10:02 AM): and that would be
EggplantCurse (3:10:07 AM): oh yes
EggplantCurse (3:10:09 AM): well
EggplantCurse (3:10:19 AM): my definition of 'mix tape fucking'
WoodenNickels (3:10:26 AM): having sex to mixtapes?
EggplantCurse (3:11:08 AM): is when two people exchange mix tapes when they would rather be just plain fucking. like...the mix tape is the mediator
EggplantCurse (3:11:20 AM): i see straight guys do this frequently i think
EggplantCurse (3:11:38 AM): i could say, for example...
EggplantCurse (3:11:48 AM): "mark and chad are totally mix tape fucking."
WoodenNickels (3:11:55 AM): LOL
WoodenNickels (3:12:02 AM): that is hilarious and so true
WoodenNickels (3:12:32 AM): we're probably mix tape fucking, you realize
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