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Charlotte's Tale...

I think we completely warped this classic tale of an inspirational spider and a depressed pig. Language and sexual content under the cut. I will delete the post if there's a problem. It's nothing too bad, though. It's quite a long convo. Apologies. Actually, this was only a snippet of the whole thing.

xRabidLunchLadyx: I could see Charlotee diving off the barn ceiling and biting Wilbur.
xRabidLunchLadyx: Charlotee? lol
xRabidLunchLadyx: Bite his rump roast.
AllahTurd: LMAO!!!!
AllahTurd: Oh my God...
AllahTurd: I just saw Charlotte giving Wilber a rim job
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMAO
xRabidLunchLadyx: She could crawl inside his asshole.
AllahTurd: Wilber moaning and saying, "You like that giant piggy ass?"
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMFAOOO
AllahTurd: I know!! She could go in and set up a living room
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMFAO
xRabidLunchLadyx: I could see her watching tv in an big fleshy asshole tunnel with a pig squeeling, echoing off the walls.
AllahTurd: LOLOL!! I saw her reading a newspaper in a reclining chair
AllahTurd: LOL
AllahTurd: I can see Wilber farting and Charlottes living room set goes flying out his asshole
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMFAO
AllahTurd: A chair, tables, lamps.
xRabidLunchLadyx: She takes a pin and sticks it into the floor.
xRabidLunchLadyx: I could see her taking a shower and Wilbur gets the runs.
AllahTurd: A Charlotte enema LMAO
AllahTurd: There goes her living room set again
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMAO, she comes flying out in a raft.
AllahTurd: Living in a pigs ass has its disadvantages
AllahTurd: LMAO@raft
AllahTurd: She's rowing quickly to get to shore

xRabidLunchLadyx: Haha, she has a deer head hanging over her couch.
AllahTurd: That be weird if I were a farmer, walked up to my pig, saw webs sticking out of his asshole, and saw a spider waving at me
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMAO
xRabidLunchLadyx: Then she asks you if you'd like to come in for tea.
AllahTurd: OH MY GOD!!!
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMAO
AllahTurd: I saw a huge assed farmer crawling into Wilber's ass. Charlotte's screaming the whole time because she's afraid he's gonna ruin her house
AllahTurd: I can see him in the pigs ass all cramped and sipping tea
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMAO, this big human shape holding a cup.
xRabidLunchLadyx: I could see her asking him if he wanted to spent the night, and he's laying down and his feet hanging out of the pigs ass.
AllahTurd: LMAO!! You see a pig with a huge bulge in its ass area and feet sticking out of his pucker. He's wearing checkered socks
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMAO!
AllahTurd: I can see the farmer and the spider making passionate love
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMAO
xRabidLunchLadyx: Theres candles lit, burning Wilburs ass hair.
AllahTurd: LOL! I can picture someone coming to check on the animals; he hears a high pitched moaning and a low -pitched moaning.
AllahTurd: Feet and calves are sticking out of a sleeping pig's ass
xRabidLunchLadyx: And the pig is convulsing and squeeling. lol
AllahTurd: LOL! I pictured this pig rolling on the ground, and all of a sudden he starts running around the pen with a checkered-footed sock hanging out of his ass
AllahTurd: You still hear moaning
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMAO, I saw him farting and shooting the farmer out and he hits the wall. lol
AllahTurd: LOL!! He's got a got a spider bouncing on his dick. The spider takes the form of his erection because it's so big
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMAO! I could see her crawling out of Wilburs ass in a penis shape, with a cigarette in her mouth.
AllahTurd: LMAO! She goes to Wilbur and talks about how big he was
xRabidLunchLadyx: Haha, Wilbur would say "Yeah, I can see that." lol
xRabidLunchLadyx: She'd have his vein imprints and everything

AllahTurd: I can see her inviting "normal" spider friends over. The Jones' (who live in a normal web) come over.
AllahTurd: You hear squeels and queef sounds coming from nowhere
xRabidLunchLadyx: *They look around* Its damp in here...
xRabidLunchLadyx: Its like a bunghole cave. lol
AllahTurd: You hear water dripping in the distance
xRabidLunchLadyx: Bubbling noises and farts.
xRabidLunchLadyx: The distant smell of eggs...
AllahTurd: I can imagine the Jones' stopping to look at a picture on Charlottes wall and they get crushed by a sphincter
xRabidLunchLadyx: LMAO
xRabidLunchLadyx: The farmer see's her sweeping dead spiders out of Wilbur's asshole.
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