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Two different convos. The same warnings of the former posts go to this one.

On the word "Doppelganger"
XRevenXNekorbX: It reminds me of a vibrating yellow dildo looking thing with strands coming out it. *shrugs*
XRevenXNekorbX: I can see a girl with two vibrators as handle bars on her bike.
AllahTurd: LMAO
XRevenXNekorbX: lol
AllahTurd: A little bell on one side
XRevenXNekorbX: Haha, she has pig tails and she's happily biking along.
AllahTurd: You could hear her coming down the road. It'd sound like a giant insect riding down the street
XRevenXNekorbX: lmfao
AllahTurd: LOL I'd love to live in that community
XRevenXNekorbX: "Mommy, my hands are all tingly from my bike ride."
AllahTurd: Why, Cindy! That's just from the vibrators on your bike!
XRevenXNekorbX: I could see her being overwhelmed by the vibration and falling off her bike.
XRevenXNekorbX: lmao
XRevenXNekorbX: Haha, "Mommy puts your bike in her bedroom so no one can steal it."
AllahTurd: LMAO
AllahTurd: In the middle of the night the girl could hear buzzing
AllahTurd: "Just a mosquito, hon!"
AllahTurd: *bell accidentally rings*
XRevenXNekorbX: "My handle bars smell funny when mommy puts it back outside."
AllahTurd: Eww!! LOL
XRevenXNekorbX: Haha
AllahTurd: It smells like daddy's farts
XRevenXNekorbX: lmfao, Woooo...

AllahTurd (11:28:23 PM): LMAO! The Hershey Squirt family
SpousalAbusePink (11:28:38 PM): *Walks into sons room* Night, Junior....*son lifts blankets and blasts shit all over his dad* Night, fucker.
AllahTurd (11:29:51 PM): He kisses his wife leaving shit-prints in the shape of his lips.
"From Junior, dear"
SpousalAbusePink (11:31:13 PM): LMAO!
SpousalAbusePink (11:32:03 PM): I saw Junior chasing a bunch of class mates in the school yard. He stops, and yells "Taaaag!" *squuirt!* "You're it!" and runs away, leaving the shit-covered student standing there dumbfounded.
AllahTurd (11:33:08 PM): LOL! I saw the kid walking like a mummy because he was covered so much.
SpousalAbusePink (11:33:29 PM): I saw him getting blasted with it, sending his hair flying back.
AllahTurd (11:33:59 PM): Yeah....get blasted with shit from a Pugsley-looking thing with glasses
SpousalAbusePink (11:34:14 PM): I'd stand there dumbfounded too. lol
AllahTurd (11:34:46 PM): .....K.....weird....
AllahTurd (11:35:06 PM): I just saw him shoving all of the teachers chalk up his ass and firing it around the room like a machine gun
SpousalAbusePink (11:35:24 PM): LMMMMMFAAAOOO!
AllahTurd (11:35:28 PM): One smacks the teacher
SpousalAbusePink (11:35:42 PM): Kids screaming and diving under their desks, chalk hitting the walls and exploding.
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