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I don't know rules about language here, so I must say there's some mild vulgarity under the cut and very immature humor. Don't click if you're offended by that stuff.

AllahTurd (1:47:42 AM): I just saw grandma farting and a cherub flies out of her ass..... *shrug*
Razor Angel (1:48:14 AM): I saw her turning around really fast and running after it, swinging her arms in the air.
AllahTurd (1:48:56 AM): She grabs its legs, and it struggles to fly away. It carries her out the door and down her street.
Razor Angel (1:49:14 AM): LMAO
AllahTurd (1:49:40 AM): I saw her flying into a crowd of people, knocking them over.
Razor Angel (1:50:14 AM): Like a bunch of bowling pins.
AllahTurd (1:50:26 AM): Butthole cherubs must be hard to catch
Razor Angel (1:50:46 AM): Strong little bastards too....that or grandma has a huge gaping asshole.

SpousalAbusePink (10:21:14 PM): Haha, I could see a vagina swimming around in a fish tank.
AllahTurd (10:21:55 PM): It flaps its labias to move in the water
SpousalAbusePink (10:22:20 PM): I could see a bigger vagina eating a smaller one, and that one doing the same thing.
AllahTurd (10:24:24 PM): I can see it burying itself in the sand when danger comes

SpousalAbusePink (10:28:56 PM): I also saw a guy riding one like a horse while swinging a lasso.
AllahTurd (10:30:25 PM): I can see a texas scene. The cowboy's whipping the 'gina going, "Yah! Yah!"
SpousalAbusePink (10:30:44 PM): LMAO, its making neighing noises and kicking its labias.
AllahTurd (10:30:57 PM): ROFLMAO!
AllahTurd (10:31:42 PM): "That's a lovely poon-steed you have there, Chuck"
SpousalAbusePink (10:31:59 PM): "Thank ya, Bill" *pats side of vagnia*
AllahTurd (10:32:31 PM): *Vagina gently quivers*
SpousalAbusePink (10:33:08 PM): LMFAO!

SpousalAbusePink (10:40:39 PM): LMAO....for some reason I saw a bunch of mini-vaginas with scorpian tails, chasing and over-powering a Mexican guy in a desert.
AllahTurd (10:40:59 PM): LMAO
AllahTurd (10:41:09 PM): That sounds like a horror movie gone wrong
SpousalAbusePink (10:41:22 PM): He's screaming and they're crawling all over him, stinging the shit out of him.

SpousalAbusePink (2:21:37 AM): I could see some woman sitting up in bed in the morning, streching and yawning. Then a monkey bursts into her bedroom, leaps up onto the bed, and start furiously masturbating, shooting jizz on her.
AllahTurd (2:21:54 AM): Oh my god. LOL!
AllahTurd (2:21:58 AM): I can see the look of horror!
AllahTurd (2:22:18 AM): He rubs his balls in her face
SpousalAbusePink (2:22:22 AM): LMAO
AllahTurd (2:23:02 AM): "Your balls smell like phys ed!"
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