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There's like 3, so...

kraemerwhom (11:09:50 PM): richard is a butt
Tanner Tot (11:11:57 PM): kraemerwhom (11:07:38 PM): richard likes it in the butt
kraemerwhom (11:12:14 PM): I NEVER SAID THAT
Tanner Tot (11:14:02 PM): did 2
kraemerwhom (11:14:09 PM): DID NOT
kraemerwhom (11:14:11 PM): hoe

JuStIn8842 (4:59:12 PM): yay the plumber is gone
JuStIn8842 (4:59:19 PM): i can finally take a shit
xSexNCandiex (4:59:26 PM): hahaha
JuStIn8842 (4:59:30 PM): omg this shit has been dying to get out since this mornin
JuStIn8842 (4:59:37 PM): lol i'll b bak in liek 10 mins
JuStIn8842 is away at 4:59:44 PM.

JuStIn8842 [8:24 PM]: were gonna make u a tape
XSkIbAyWaTcHx [8:24 PM]: DAMNIT we already talked about this, your popeness
JuStIn8842 [8:25 PM]: lol
JuStIn8842 [8:25 PM]: u better not sell copies of it
JuStIn8842 [8:25 PM]: pope sex tape!
XSkIbAyWaTcHx [8:25 PM]: !!!
XSkIbAyWaTcHx [8:25 PM]: it's all on nightvision
XSkIbAyWaTcHx [8:25 PM]: and amanda is wearing the hate
JuStIn8842 [8:25 PM]: lol
XSkIbAyWaTcHx [8:25 PM]: hat
XSkIbAyWaTcHx [8:26 PM]: while holding onto a cross
XSkIbAyWaTcHx [8:26 PM]: screaming OH GOD
XSkIbAyWaTcHx [8:26 PM]: ironic,huh?
JuStIn8842 [8:26 PM]: hahahaha

These are old...but funny...yeah...


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