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Old Ladies...

XRevenXNekorbX: Marge? Makes me want to eat a potato with lots of margarine.
AllahTurd: Reminds me of a skinny old woman in panties smoking smoking a cigarette
XRevenXNekorbX: lmao
XRevenXNekorbX: Oooooh, the sensuality.
XRevenXNekorbX: *gropes old woman*
AllahTurd: Now, now. Respect your elders.
Allahturd: You gotta do foreplay first
XRevenXNekorbX: Gotta take the walking cane, and slowly work it in...
AllahTurd: LOL
XRevenXNekorbX: lol
AllahTurd: I saw this old woman on the bed with nothing on but a shirt, and you're shoving a walking cane in her cooch while she's smoking and reading Better Homes and Gardens
XRevenXNekorbX: LMAO
XRevenXNekorbX: Its the boooook. lol
XRevenXNekorbX: She puts out the butt and claps twice so the lights go off.
AllahTurd: Next thing you know you hear exorcist-type moaning
XRevenXNekorbX: What the fuck, it must be late. I just saw naked old women using hula hoops.
AllahTurd LOL!
XRevenXNekorbX: Their saggy boobs doing the tango!
AllahTurd: I saw like six of them standing in a row (of all different sizes)
XRevenXNekorbX: With various colored hula hoops.
AllahTurd: Ethel and Sue's waist-length boobies swinging from side to side
XRevenXNekorbX: And they all have beehive hair-dos and too much blue eye shadow and pink blush.
AllahTurd: LOL! Woo! Who needs Viagra when you have hula-hooping old ladies?
XRevenXNekorbX: I know! The world is missing out!
AllahTurd: All madeup in traditional old lady makeup for your pleasure
XRevenXNekorbX: Bright green spandex and leopard print sweats sold seperately.
AllahTurd: If your old woman dies in the box, please call back for a full refund
XRevenXNekorbX: LMAO
XRevenXNekorbX: I can see some little kid underneath a Christmas tree tearing open a huge present and tears open the package and some dead, naked old lady is cramped inside and he starts screaming and takes off, knocking over the Christmas tree.
AllahTurd: LOL! I can see it!
AllahTurd: Dad says to mom, "Ah, Honey. Another dead one"
XRevenXNekorbX: Dead, naked old ladies bring joy to my life.
XRevenXNekorbX: She goes running after the kid yelling "Honey! We can get you a brand new old lady! Don't cry!"
AllahTurd: Haha. I can picture them carrying a stiff old lady with a hula-hoop and too much makeup out to the trash
XRevenXNekorbX: Haha, stuffing her in the can head first.
AllahTurd: LOL!!
AllahTurd: "Get! In! There! Dammit!"
AllahTurd: Pretty soon a new box comes for Junior. The box shakes occasionally, and you can hear faint whimpering
AllahTurd: BRB
XRevenXNekorbX: Haha
XRevenXNekorbX: She busts out of the package, gasping for air, boobs flopping side to side.
AllahTurd: "Oh no! They sent the wrong one! We wanted the old lady with the McDonald's arch eyebrows! This is the Bozold, the clown old lady reissue"
XRevenXNekorbX: lmao@Bozold
AllahTurd: You grab her nipples and they honk
AllahTurd: Haha. I couldn't think of another name that would suit the occasion
XRevenXNekorbX: She can make animal shapes out of her saggy boobs.
AllahTurd: *in old lady voice* "You wanna see a giraffe, you little bastards?"
AllahTurd: All the kids go, "Yaaaaay!"
XRevenXNekorbX: LMFAO
XRevenXNekorbX: Ya little bastards!
XRevenXNekorbX: "Well here ya go" *boobs flop out of clown suit*
AllahTurd: LOL
XRevenXNekorbX: *starts tying her boobs in knots, and forms a giraffe shape*
AllahTurd: LMAO. They make a rubber sound like balloons while she's doing it
XRevenXNekorbX: LMAO
XRevenXNekorbX: The kids watch in amazement
AllahTurd: Hehehe! She accidently hits her nipple a few times while forming the giraffe and they honk
XRevenXNekorbX: lmfao
XRevenXNekorbX: Bozold would have sequin nipple tassles.
AllahTurd: For the "adult" occasions
AllahTurd: See?! She's fun for the whole family
XRevenXNekorbX: I could see her dancing on a coffee table in front of some middle class family with gold nipple tassles, and a cigarette in her mouth as the family smiles and claps happily.
AllahTurd: LMAO
AllahTurd: "Mom, can I have a dollar?"
AllahTurd: "Alright, Billy. Shove it in her cleavage"
XRevenXNekorbX: "No, son! Her ass crack!"
AllahTurd: "George! Don't influence the children!"
XRevenXNekorbX: Mother snaps granny's thong,.
AllahTurd: Her dentures come flying out and smack little Cindy Lou in the head
XRevenXNekorbX: lmao
XRevenXNekorbX: Cindy yell's "Yeaaah! Like it dirty!"
AllahTurd: LMAO. I can hear smooth jazz in the background while she dances
AllahTurd: Imagine walking by someone's house, looking in the living room window, and seeing a middle class family watching an old lady dancing on the coffee table.
XRevenXNekorbX: lmao, seductively swinging her saggy boobs inches from their faces.
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