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Monkeys and Physics...

How much I enjoy this. Since no one's posted I've decided to add some more. Again, some slight language issues under the cut. Apologies in advance. Some sexual content as well. Beware.

AllahTurd (1:55:26 AM): I can see a monkey in a chef's hat jizzing into a pot.
SpousalAbusePink (1:55:47 AM): Aww, what a hard working jizz-monkey.
AllahTurd (1:55:58 AM): Or a big ass fat, Italian chef holding a monkey over a pot furiously flapping the money's dick
SpousalAbusePink (1:56:07 AM): LMAO
AllahTurd (1:56:07 AM): "You son of a bitch! Spooge! Spooge, damn you!"
SpousalAbusePink (1:56:28 AM): I could see him getting so frustated he just tosses the entire monkey into the pot and closes the lid.
AllahTurd (1:57:16 AM): LMAO!!!
AllahTurd (1:58:08 AM): "Take that, old red dick! Your spooge tastes like algae water!"
SpousalAbusePink (1:58:50 AM): "You think you the only monkey this side of Naples? You are very mistaken, my friend!"

NeuBlitzKid (1:46:15 AM): okay apparently your package drops one way when you're wearing trousers.
AllahTurd (1:46:37 AM): *dies laughing* Really? I seriously never noticed this.
NeuBlitzKid (1:46:55 AM): you're a lot of help.
NeuBlitzKid (1:47:02 AM): *L*
AllahTurd (1:47:13 AM): Well. I don't pay attention to my package :-P
NeuBlitzKid (1:47:18 AM): that i don't believe.
AllahTurd (1:47:19 AM): Umm...lemme think
NeuBlitzKid (1:47:35 AM): *L*
AllahTurd (1:47:38 AM): K...what's the definition of trouser? Underwear?
NeuBlitzKid (1:47:41 AM): pants
NeuBlitzKid (1:47:47 AM): jeans... the like
AllahTurd (1:47:51 AM): Pants? So we're not wearing underwear?
NeuBlitzKid (1:47:56 AM): either way!
AllahTurd (1:48:02 AM): Oooh, okay.
AllahTurd (1:48:07 AM): Hmm....lemme think...
NeuBlitzKid (1:48:13 AM): i'll draw ya a picture ass!
AllahTurd (1:48:25 AM): I need to get the facts straight so I know how to answer :-P
NeuBlitzKid (1:48:43 AM): *L*
AllahTurd (1:49:18 AM): Well, jeez. I suppose it has to do with physics. Have you heard of Newton? (sp?)
AllahTurd (1:49:42 AM): Wait. Maybe it was Galileo (sp?)
AllahTurd (1:49:56 AM): Dammit. It's gravity.
NeuBlitzKid (1:49:58 AM): *Bangs head* oh my god
NeuBlitzKid (1:50:02 AM): *LOL*
NeuBlitzKid (1:50:05 AM): that would be newton
AllahTurd (1:50:46 AM): That's what I thought. So...I suppose it varies on size, the body position, etc.
AllahTurd (1:51:25 AM): A bigger, heavier package will yield toward a stonger gravitational pull.
NeuBlitzKid (1:51:37 AM): oh.
NeuBlitzKid (1:51:38 AM): good.
NeuBlitzKid (1:51:39 AM): lord.
AllahTurd (1:51:51 AM): Well! You ask me how it works
AllahTurd (1:51:59 AM): I don't know what else to say
NeuBlitzKid (1:52:05 AM): *LOL* I thought it was gonna be a simple thing!
AllahTurd (1:52:05 AM): I seriously never payed attention
NeuBlitzKid (1:52:15 AM): like.... i dunno... just personal preference thing!
NeuBlitzKid (1:54:04 AM): *L*
AllahTurd (1:54:40 AM): I always wondered what the hell that meant when you asked someone "How's it hanging?" and they gave you that odd response.
NeuBlitzKid (1:54:54 AM): *LOL*
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