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Anthony DeCristoforo

A Newbie...

I'm new here. The profile says, "keep it light". What does that mean? Anyway, hope this isn't against the rules. I suppose the moderator knows what to do if so.

Humpelstilt (3:13:01 AM): For some reason I imagined two teenage girls standing next to eachother and one of them randomly leans over and bites a chunk out of the other girls face. lol
AllahTurd (3:13:13 AM): LMAO
Humpelstilt (3:13:24 AM): lol
AllahTurd (3:13:28 AM): ...that was seriously unexpected
AllahTurd (3:13:47 AM): They both giggle and then put in a Justin Timberlake CD
Humpelstilt (3:13:53 AM): I could see the girl just standing there giggling while her friend chews on a chunk of her face.
Humpelstilt (3:13:57 AM): LMAO! Exactly!
AllahTurd (3:15:00 AM): LOL. She dumps pepper all over her friend's face. "You need a little flavoring"
Humpelstilt (3:15:22 AM): LMAO, I could see her shoving her face onto a frying pan.
AllahTurd (3:15:48 AM): I imaged her baking her friends big, floppy boob in the oven in a meatloaf pan
Humpelstilt (3:16:34 AM): I imagined her setting it on the dinner table in front of her grandparents, it jiggles as she sets it down. They look at her with horrified expersions and she giggles happily.
AllahTurd (3:16:38 AM): "Cassy, will you check your tit for me?. It needs to be baisted"
Humpelstilt (3:16:43 AM): expressions*
AllahTurd (3:17:08 AM): LMAO@the jiggling titloaf
Humpelstilt (3:17:24 AM): Titloaf...lmao!
AllahTurd (3:17:44 AM): "Let's dig in, everyone!" They slice it with an electric carver and pass it around.
Humpelstilt (3:18:13 AM): LMFAO@electric carver
Humpelstilt (3:18:23 AM): Grandpa: "I want the nipple!"
AllahTurd (3:19:06 AM): He tenderly carves out the nipple and dumps beef gravy on it.
Humpelstilt (3:19:35 AM): LMAO....I could see Cassie sitting there intently, minus one boob with a chunk out of her face.
AllahTurd (3:19:42 AM): I can picture an 8-year-old kid going, "I want the nipple!!"
Humpelstilt (3:19:52 AM): LMAO
AllahTurd (3:20:06 AM): A a burn on the other side of her face from a frying pan
Humpelstilt (3:20:26 AM): LMFAO
Humpelstilt (3:20:40 AM): Her hair is all burnt and fried on that side of her head.
AllahTurd(3:20:41 AM): Thank Cassie for this wonderful meal.
Humpelstilt (3:20:53 AM): They all join hands and thank the almighty Cassie.
AllahTurd (3:21:26 AM): LOL. I pictured her mom feeling her daughters boob to see if it's plump and ripe
Humpelstilt (3:21:50 AM): "Hmm, give it one more week."
AllahTurd (3:21:54 AM): Almost time for harvest, sweety.
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